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  1. "Let me understand: did you try to right-click on those CABs and to selecte the ZipGenius > Preview menu item? Could you send just the HPDEXAXO.cab to zipgenius (AT) alice.it?" No, I just right-click on the CAB in the left pane (the tree) and ZG shows the contents in the right pane. The HPDEXAXO.cab works fine as shown in screenshot_three. Do you mean the CAB archive that is not working in the subfolder called jre1.7.0_03 which is Data1.cab (screenshot_one)? I can send it, let me know if that's what you want. Ironically, last year the HPDEXAXO.cab would not show a preview. I emailed it to you guys and in the next ZipGenius update it started working. It does work inside the ZG program or if I right-click on the CAB and select ZipGenius > Contents. Opps, I mean I just left-click on the CAB in the tree, not right-click. Sorry for the confusion. "Umm...it seems to be working here... " Yes it work if I leave the search location to the default drives but if I select a path (Browse) then it does not work. I'm editing this reply because I just discovered that after I select a location using the 'Browse...' option if I add a backslash (\) to the end of the path then the search works fine.
  2. screenshot_four
  3. screenshot_three
  4. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I am using Version with Windows Vista SP2 32 bit. Problem 1: ZipGenius has a problem previewing certain CAB files but not others in the same folder. I have included 4 screenshots to help illustrate the problem. You can see in the screenshots of the Windows Explorer file manager that there are 3 CAB archives under the folder called Microsoft. When I click on the Data1.cab archive in the jre1.7.0_03 subfolder I get the error shown in Screenshot_one. But when I click on either the HPDEXAXO.cab archive or the ...\jre1.6.0_16\Data1.cab archive I can see their previews (see Screenshot_two and Screenshot_three). The only thing I can notice off hand is that when looking at each files properties HPDEXAXO.cab and ...\jre1.6.0_16\Data1.cab have signatures and ...\jre1.7.0_03\Data1.cab does not. Oddly enough, when I use another file manager called FreeCommander instead of Windows Explorer, I can preview the ...\jre1.7.0_03\Data1.cab archive (see Screenshot_four). Also, I can preview the contents of the jre1.7.0_03\Data1.cab archive inside of ZipGenius so the problem has something to do with Windows Explorer. The CAB file Data1 is part of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installation and is installed in C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jre1.7.0_03. You can find it here: http://www.oracle.co....html#javasejdk Screenshot_one Screenshot_two Screenshot_three Screenshot_four Problem 2: The 'Search Archives...' feature in ZipGenius does not work. It does not find the archives in my folders. When I select the type of archives to search for and press the start button I can see the Search Archive Engine searching in the folders that I specified [in the 'Search in:' field] but it just ignores the archives as if they do not exist. I know it did not work in version either. Problem 3: I have reported to you before that if a user unknowingly tries to extract an archive to a folder that happens to be protected (e.g. UAC will not let ZipGenius write to that location without permission), ZipGenius does not report that it could not extract the files so it appears that the extraction was successful. I have tried several other archive programs and they all report the error to the user.
  5. I sent an email to report some ZipGenius bugs and received an autoreply that is is no longer supported through email. I do not use Facebook, Google or Twitter. Is some where on this website to report bugs? Thanks.