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  1. Good. :-) I downgraded to and SFX works fine again. Look forward to your bugfix.
  2. Hi, I'm using the latest version of ZipGenius, version I have a zip file I create an SFX of. The SFX extracts to %temp%. In previous versions this worked perfectly, but now it does not expand %temp% to the system temp folder, it simply creates a folder called "%temp%" in the same location as the SFX file is located. For example: If the SFX file C:\btest.exe is run, it will extract into the "C:\%temp%" folder instead of the systems temp folder. If I type %temp% in a command window on the system, I get 'C:\DOCUME~1\E\LOCALS~1\Temp', so the %temp% shortcut is valid. Here is my sof-file: [sFX] Title=Extracting Installation Files MsgText= MsgType=0 Autorun=0 RunFile= AskAutorun=0 SelfStarting=0 DestPath=%temp% DestSubPath=Safe_To_Delete OvrType=1 HideOvrBox=1 SelectFile=0 ShowSuccessMsg=0 ExpandEnvVars=1 HideFileList=0 AllowCancel=1 Icon=C:\MyIcon.ico