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  1. Hi there, I installed ZipGenius version (I tested both the Standard and the Suite editions) but it failed to integrate to Windows shell- my system- Windows 8.1 x64. Without shell integration ZipGenius has little use for me. Regards
  2. @frman Thank you for your response! I am glad that ZipGenius is not abandoned since it is a very nice archiver. I read the post at Google Plus and I find it very interesting. I too hate Windows 8 interface (Start Screen, Hot Corners, etc) but with the help of Classic Shell I have eliminated all these nuisances. About the unification of the editions (Standard & Suite)- for me it is OK but why remove FTPGenius and skins? The FTP module can be very useful while skin support is always a good feature for me- at least there might be users who would like to create skins for ZipGenius. Will ZipGenius 7 support RAR5, ZIPX, ARC and KZ archives? What is ShinyUI? Can I see any samples? I hope ZipGenius won't embrace Windows 8 Flat Metro style. Do you have any idea when ZipGenius 7 Betas will be released for testing? By the way you can rely upon me for testing of ZipGenius on Windows 8. Regards
  3. Hello there, I would like to know whether the users of ZipGenius can expect new versions or ZipGenius has been abandoned completely? Regards