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Skype Per Windows

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Uscita la versione di Skype, un programma per le chiamate VoIP che non ha certo bisogno di tante presentazioni.

Ecco la lista di tutte le novità:

Feature: Call Forwarding

Feature: Skype Test Call Service prepopulated to Contact List for new users

Feature: 21 new emoticons

Feature: My Pictures: possibility to choose pictures from Expressive Content

Feature: RingToneManager for Expressive Content of audio files

Feature: Contact List accessible by Microsoft Active Accessibility

Feature: API: application-to-application communication

Feature: API notifications for contactlist selection and focus

Feature: API: set profile information

Feature: API: call forwarding via API

Feature: API: support expressive content files SET RINGTONE and AVATAR


Feature: multilingual EULA

Feature: advanced Skype links

Feature: number of friends displayed in Profile View form

Feature: possibility to set connecting sound from Options

Feature: added dynamic messages for help and tips

Feature: possibility to select and copy profile fields

Change: new layout for Getting Started Wizard

Change: Search window redesigned

Change: Add friend window redesigned

Change: Import Contacts redesigned

Change: quicksearch on addressbar improved

Change: improved call related error messagas

Change: 'minimize' button minimizes Skype to taskbar

Change: warning dialaog added when calling to SkypeOut using callto: links

Change: option to disable authorization message popups

Change: MSN contact importer removed from Import Contacts

Change: upgrade prompt supressed if installer is launched with SILENT or VERYSILENT option

Change: removed latin spanish language

Change: option to view online release notes after installation removed

Change: option to create a Quick Launch icon removed from installer

Change: explanatory text in Profile View if user has not been online recently

Change: month names in Profile are translatable

Change: options dialog is changed to nonmodal

Change: Send Authorization dialog is changed to nonmodal

Change: main window minimum size changed

Change: new language files - Swedish (Anders Olsson), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Danish (Mathias Schwarz), Norwegian (Stig Auestad), German (Claudius Henrichs & **** Schiferli), Dutch (Kees Koenders), French (Fabrice Imperial), Italian (Conte Daniele), Port

Bug fix: shortcut to desktop - dropped always, despite preferences

Bug fix: changed sound channel usage,therefore improving the stability on older operating systems

Bug fix: improved Multi Chat behaviour on multiple monitors

Bug fix: authrequests do not pop up if your status is Do Not Disturb

Bug fix: optimized loading of user-language file

Bug fix: optimizations to have faster log-in

Bug fix: improved unicode handling on win98

Bug fix: status was incorrect in chat titlebar when disconnected

Bug fix: improved URL parsing in chat

Bug fix: addressbar search updated when new contact added

Bug fix: 'start skype when windows starts' option will revert to default

Bug fix: 'Enable All Sounds' option missed one checkbox in Options dialog

Bug fix: wrong folder created to Documents and Settings when changing avatar

Bug fix: toolbar texts not visible on clean install

Bug fix: improved error handling when selected sound file is too big

Bug fix: keybaord navigation in language editor

Bug fix: Ctrl+F in chat window shows non-active main window

Bug fix: toolbar buttons were not updated on some cases

Bug fix: API: Error is returned if OPEN ADDAFRIEND command has too many parameters

Bug fix: API: Using query id messed up replies to NAME and OPEN FILETRANSFER commands

Bug fix: API: During voicemail recording SEARCH ACTIVECALLS returned call id

Bug fix: API: When offline user tried to make a call with query id, error was returned without query id

Bug fix: API: Contactlist change notifications were sent when focused contact actually did not change

Bug fix: API: Other API messages were sent before “attach success” message

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Ciao, io sapevo che esistesse ancora la beta di Skype prelevabile da QUI ... sei sicuro che sia la versione Anche perchè il link non funge ... :)

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