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Skype Survey Finds Uk Ready For Internet Communica

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Skype Survey Finds UK Ready for Internet Communications Revolution

Anyone who has ever had a long-distance relationship knows how difficult it can be to keep it alive across the miles. For today’s long-distance lovebirds, the Internet is increasingly providing the solution, according to a new UK survey commissioned by Skype, the pioneering Global Internet Communications Company that lets anyone with an Internet connection to make free high-quality phone calls.

According to the survey, Britons' favourite way to keep long-distance love alive is via the Internet. Nearly two-thirds (59%) of those currently in a long-distance relationship say they prefer to use the Internet to keep in touch. The traditional telephone is still in second place, and text messaging (9%) is coming up fast, especially among younger people. Younger people are also the most likely to use free Internet phone calling, such as Skype, to keep in touch with their long-distance loves.

Skype Survey Finds UK Ready for Internet Communications Revolution

According to the survey of more than 1,600 people across the UK, people are ready to begin benefiting from the cost and quality gains of free Internet phone calls:

48% of Britons are aware that they can use their computers to make free calls over the Internet

the over-55s are the most likely age group to prefer to keep in touch via the Internet (51%), compared with 36 per cent of 16–24 year-olds

the 16–24 year-old age group is the most likely to prefer to keep in touch by text message (48%), compared with six per cent of over-55s

on average, Britons are now spending between £50 and £100 per month on communications

over half (53%) of 16–24 year-olds admit they have no idea what their communications bill will be each month, while over one quarter (26%) say they get a shock each month from their bill and feel they are spending too much.


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