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#ZipGenius is available!

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ZipGenius is available!

Here is the changelog:

  • Fixed (once for all) missing text from context menu in Windows 64-bit edition
  • Fixed missing text in user interface when converting ZIP to CZIP from context menu
  • Fixed "Open Destination Folder" option not working after extraction
  • Compression and Extraction dialogs were redesigned in order to smaller and suitable for netbook-sized displays
  • Fixed Drop-to-ZipGenius wizard for archives (it was not switching to MultiOpen)
  • Added warning when user tries to shut down ZipGenius while previewing a file
  • Fixed bug while user was trying to shut down ZipGenius until previewing a file (archive doesn't close, now)
  • Fixed UI bugs related to MultiOpen
  • Added link to Facebook page
  • Added link to Twitter page
  • Added link to Feedburner page
  • About dialog has been resized to appear smaller than before
  • Command line module partially rewritten (and Unicode compliant)
  • Added the "Prodotto Italiano" mark

As usual, get ZipGenius from or

More updates will come during the next days: stay connected!


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