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Updates on @ZipGenius activity

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Hello friends.
Here is a brief update about what's going on in ZipGenius project.
1) Announced ZipGenius for Windows update will slip to Monday due to lack of time (hey, it's summertime ;) ).

2) The Android version of ZipGenius is growing fast. We are currently focusing more on user interface design than on strict features development because - as already explained in the past - we would like to offer one of the better Android user experience. This means that we are deeply studying the latest innovations in Android design patterns and we adding them to what already exists. In fact we have touched the main screen once again and now we offer a true dashboard with big and colorful icons, as you can see in the attached picture. In the lower part of this screen you can see a ZG Logo: later we will add a "Tip of the day" message on the right side of it. While this design is really good for us, this doesn't mean that it's in the final stage: 90% is final and we think we will still add some artwork to break the "total white" background; moreover, in the final relase, the user will be allowed to set a dark background.


And what about tablets? We are also designing the tablet layout of our app. We're making Honeycomb-compatible with lots of ActionBars that will offer complete information while keeping everything clean and nice. Unfortunately we have no physical tablet to test that layout on a true device, so we are asking our user to help us, by signing up as alpha testers (it needs just an e-mail at with the subject "ZGAndroid - Alpha Tester") and telling us what are your device specs.
The only progress we made on the features side is to implement a lot of file checksum routines to calculate the checksum value of currently open archive. We've added these algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, Adler32, CRC32. We are looking forward to implement other algorithms like RIPEMD128, RIPEMD160, Tiger and Whirlpool.

Stay tuned for more


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