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ZipGenius roadmap for 2011/2012

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We promised to disclose our roadmap for the season 2011/2012 and here it is.

ZipGenius Roadmap 2011-2012

As you can see, the big change announced some day ago is the END OF DEVELOPMENT OF ZIPGENIUS 6: we took this decision in order to open the road to ZipGenius 7 and ZipGenius for Android. These products will be fully integrated and they will share a lot of features (and some code). But ZG6 codebase must be optimized to port some features to Android, so we have to "translate" code from Delphi to Java and we also have to change some routine in ZG6 for Windows.

One modification we made is the "CryptoZip" code that will produce CZIP encrypted archives that older releases of ZipGenius 6 cannot read - don't worry: we are designing a CZIP archive viewer for backward compatibility and we will release it as a ZGTool. The newer build of ZipGenius (appearing in september) will use the new code and will automatically convert older CZIP archives using CryptoZip v2.1 into CZIP archives made with the newer CryptoZip v2.3. This change will not involve any performance increase.

Later on but before unplugging the ZG development environment (6 years old!!!), we will also modify the ZGSignature code in order to make it work in Java and we will release a newer ZG build for Windows: Also in this case, zip archives signed with older code will be automatically converted and the new signature can't be read by older ZipGenius releases (we will release a converter ZGTool).

Finally, ZG6 will die. It will get only very small bugfixes and its development will get the lowest priority, while ZG7 and ZG for Android will be developed at increased speed and we will try to release ZG for Android in March 2012 and ZG7 in June.

Hold on! We are also designing a new website!


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