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Mozilla 1.7 Alpha

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Disponibile la versione alfa di Mozilla 1.7.

Ecco alcune caratteristiche della nuova versione:

Includes several improvements to Mozilla's pop-up blocking features

Downloaded files are now moved to the target directory as soon as the user selects the desired location

There is now user interface to activate Smooth Scrolling

This is the first Mozilla 1.x release with support for multiple identities on the same mail account

With Mozilla 1.7a, you can now edit address lists containing "Last, First" style names

When composing mail, you can now use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the To/CC/Bcc list

Chatzilla has moved forward to version 0.9.59

Adds support for the onbeforeunload event

This release has a new SVG backend

1.7 Alpha pageload times have been improved by 4% over 1.6

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