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Kceasy 0.14

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KCeasy è un nuovo programma opensource per il p2p che sfrutta le reti Gnutella e OpenFT.

Queste le caratteristiche della nuova versione:

* Added config option to become an OpenFT search node

* Added file renaming to library

* Added multi select to library

* Added 'Recent Downloads' folder to Library

* Made Library panels hidable

* Updated VLC to 0.8.1 which fixes sound distortion on seeking and adds wmv3 support

* Added option to cancel download without confirmation

* Fixed exception when selecting search results on machines without MMX

* Fixed download pause problem with very long filenames (giFT)

* Added number of search results to tab caption

* Added player seeking to status bar controls

* Updated VLC and added Goom visualization for audio files

* Added network specific displaying of connection state

* Added sorting of transfers

* Generalized and extended updating of node files/banlists

* Added option to prevent popup blocking

* Added sig2dat support to interal browser

* Added various keyboard shortcuts

* Added button to toggle search result columns

* Added general purpose bookmarking to browser

* Added internationalization code

* Rewrote AVI meta data parser to also work on windows (giFT)

* Added proper Magnet handling for internal browser (still lacks direct download)

* Added search realm for torrents (OpenFT only)

* Made search result columns media type specific

Qui potete vedere l'interfaccia del programma:


Il sito ufficiale del programma è

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