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Lphant 3.00 Beta 1

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Nuova versione in fase beta per Iphant, client minore ed2k.




  • Built using .NET 2.0 and the graphic interface has been almost completely rewritten to present the best P2P application user interface
  • Uses the Windows Themes to provide a good native XP or Vista looking, and it offers 4 built in skins, each one of them adapts itself to the Windows Themes
  • The interface also has some new features like the integrated zip or rar files previewer, or a statistics section similar to the one found in Lphant Plus but with more of data
  • The kernel has also been reworked to offer better performance, much lower CPU usage (both GUI and Kernel parts) and fixed many bugs (hangs, BT speed limit, problems with edonkey big files, problems with non administrator user accounts and much more)
  • The memory usage is significant lower with high load or when Lphant is running during many hours

Si ricorda che le versioni beta sono potenzialmente instabili, e che il loro utilizzo è a vostro rischio e pericolo. WI declina ogni responsabilità per eventuali danni attribuibili alle versioni beta, qui inserite per puro dovere di segnalazione.

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