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  1. Just got new PC - Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium (Version : 6.01.7601.17514 Service Pack 1) Installed ZG (ZipGenius) (previously I had been using ZG on Windows XP sp2 fine) BUT 1) on Windows Explorer right-clck I cannot see the ZG options in the menu I am pretty sure I have the correct settings: 2) this may just be my ignorance in usage - using the ZG program direct - on Extract - a destination list is displayed which seems to be higher level folders and a default folder but none that I can see to the archive's containing folder - nor an offer to extract to that and a folder with the archive's filename. If (1) can be solved then (2) is not important - but if (1) cannot be solved - then (2) is a very important usage issue for me. I had been using ZG for years on Windows XP sp2 fine, and am very grateful for it. I hope I will be able to continue to use ZG on my new Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium PC. Thank you, Vincent