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  1. Any idea when this will be fixed? It's been 6 months since you said v6.4 would be available.
  2. When selecting a file(s) to zip, I select "Create an Archive" from the list of choices. This brings up a window where I can specify the location of the destination .zip file. When I click on Proceed, it quickly flashes a window and does NOT create the archive .zip file. No error message...nothing. I am using Win7-64bit and ZipGenius I have also tried changing the Compatability View of zg.exe to Run As Administrator, but it did not help. Update: I am using PROCMON to troubleshoot the problem. It appears that the file is indeed being created, but also is deleted upon closing because the SetDispositionInformationFile is flagging the file to be deleted when it is closed (Delete=True). I have a screenshot showing exactly what is happening but I don't see how to upload it.