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  1. Hello, I'd like to thank all involved for such a great tool. Unfortunately, I don't speak/read Italian but Google translate was my friend! Although I tried it first, Babelfish didn't work too well. I wanted to use ShotGenius and realized that if I tranlated the "lang" file, that the program was then translated I have pasted the english version below, I have not had any problems (although I have not worked a lot w/ the program extensively yet). I hope that someone else can find it useful also. ##### [shotgenius_it] 100=ShotGenius 110=WinInizio 120= 130=ZipGenius 140= 145=Capture executed! 150=Image saved as 160=Connected to 170=connected to the server 180=disconnected 190=bytes transferred 200=Sending completed successfully 210=sent to 220=Sending failed 230=Time expired to send. 240=Member FTP 250=Image attached to the e-mail from ShotGenius 260=Keys for the capture of the screen… 270=Full screen 280=Display Area 290=Active window 300=Timed Capture 310=Options… 320=Extension keys for the capture 330=Exit 335=General 340=Buttons 350=Capture full screen: 360=Capture screen area: 370=Capture the active window: 380=Start/stop capture time: 390=Settings files 400=Save image as: 410=Filename: 420=Add date / time to filename 430=Add user name to the file name 440=Save file in: 445=Advanced 450=Various settings 460=Run sound capture 470=Show balloon catches (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista) 480=Run ShotGenius when Windows starts 490=Final Action: 500=Settings capture time 510=Capture screen every: 520=minute 530=second 540=Image quality settings 550=JPEG compression 560=Quality PNG 570=None 580=Submit via FTP 590=Send via e-mail 600=Information 610=Choose folder… 620=Please it indicates in which folder you want to save the captured images. 630=Compress in ZIP format with ZipGenius 640=Compress in 7-zip with ZipGenius 650=FTP server address(ftp:// not required): 660=Anonymous Access 670=Username: 680=Password: 690=Port (default 21): 700=Remote Destination Folder: 710=Passive connection (PASV) 720=FTP settings 730=Save to clipboard 740=Save to file 750=Image copied to the clipboard 760=The capture timer is not available when saving to clipboard. 770=Change capture mode: 780=Capture to file. 790=Capture to the clipboard. 800=Change capture mode: 810=Methods of saving. 820=Function not available.