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#ZipGenius on #Android: now it's official!

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This time we're going the official way.

Android will get its version of ZipGenius, the free compression suite for Windows.

ZipGenius for Android will support only ZIP archives in the first stage, but it will offer a lot of features available in the Windows version, like "Explorer-like" browsing, ZGSignature for zip archives and so on; moreover, it will offer features that can be available only on mobile devices (take pictures through device camera, zip them up and share the archive through one of the available sharing service on device).

Currently we are in the interface design stage. We don't want to offer a really nice looking but useless interface and we don't want an ugly but absolutely functional environment: we are designing every day a new piece of the user interface and maybe we find the need to modify it the very next day because we think that is not working the way we would.

We don't want also to emulate other Zip utilities for Android, then ZipGenius will not act as a file manager that could fill the lack of a stock file browser utility: we think that there are good applications of this kind out there, like Astro File Manager, ES File Explorer or  OpenIntents File Manager, which are all free and very well conceived. ZipGenius will be just a zip utility. If you need to create, open or decompress a Zip archive, it will do it for you, but don't ask it to browse your device's filesystem.

We are looking for ALPHA-testers: if you are interested into this, please contact us at ZGINFO (@) ZIPGENIUS.IT telling your name and your Android device - no emulators, thanks.

More info coming over the next weeks.


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