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English Rules Of Wininizio Forum

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  1. Read this regulation carefully and respect it scrupulously;
  2. Respect specific regulations of single sections;
  3. Respect Netiquette's rules;
  4. Respect staff's decisions [admin, mod (moderatori), technicians (tecnici) and editors (redattori)] which could be discussed privately by members to the site's admin via e-mail or personal message; ]
  5. Undertaking total responsibility for posted contents to site, forum and blog, exempting from any direct and indirect responsibility;
  6. No using nick name, avatar and signature that could be slanderous, vulgar, obscene, promotional referable to companies, associations, parties, political and religious movements or what could be connected to names, brands protected by copyright laws;
  7. No insertion in post, nick name, avatar and signature of telephone numbers, fax and e-mail;
  8. Do not utilize signature longer than six lines and sized 1024 x 768 pixel or images not bigger than 500 x 150 pixel (base x height) + 2 lines of text:
  9. Messages do not get any preventive control by site, therefore any member is responsible over the post. For this reason is asking to behave yourself, do not insult or foment quarrels.
  10. No discussing in post questions in sarcastic, disparaging ways and/or bring offences to cultures, institutions, personal political ideas, religions or whatever faith, incitement to violence, intolerance, racism or illegality;
  11. No making commercial promotion, political, electoral and religious propaganda, or declarations leading to apology of crime;
  12. No referring directly or indirectly to any company, association, institution either for profit either for fraudulent, denigrator and defamer intents;
  13. No inserting and/or request file or link with warez contents, hash codes, ed2k link, torrent files, magnet link in violation with author's rights or server referring to irc channels containing illegal files;
  14. No signal (or link) attention and/or request of images, films and links considered obscene and offensive, also sexually, of individual sensibility;
  15. No discussing using generic arguments and/or not pertaining to topics of section;
  16. No changing subject of discussions, especially if dealt by others;
  17. Do not practise spamming and crossposting;
  18. No using abbreviations as SMS (Short Message System) in post;
  19. No asking for messages or e-mail as personal affair;
  20. Do not post Personal Messages (PM) or e-mail without preliminary consent of interested party;
  21. No publishing and linking to Italian forum of wininizio's competitors, as well as commercial sites, auction sales on line, sites for adults and any affiliated programs are allowed;
  22. Staff and admins of are not in any way responsible for content of messages posted to forum or illegal actions committed by third party through the site;
  23. Members assume full responsibility, also legal, for publishing on;
  24. Admins of; will reserve to take legal actions if members will keep injurious behaviour to the community, site, blog or forum;
  25. Moderators can cancel or modify a post content if they consider it not conforming to the spirit of forum and the above mentioned rules;
  26. To modify or cancel forum registration is needful to send an e-mail to following address: specifying nick name used in forum and e-mail used at moment of entry procedure, if possible, motivating resolution. N.B. (Note Well) Personal data inserted will be cancelled unless post, photos and any file posted to
    N.B. Present regulation will be considered accepted, in all its parts, at moment of entry procedure in This regulation will be periodically adjourned giving notice of it in this section. Every change of site regulation will be considered automatically accepted by members even if their affiliation is anterior to changes. We suggest therefore members to verify time to time the updated rules.
  27. Failing of rules' respect will cause an increase of warning level over the post, stoppage and banning according to gravity of member's violation, as well as cancellation of irregular post and administrators will reserve the right to take legal actions against violation liable.

ita_round.pngRegolamento Italiano di WinInizio

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